Carmine Red Dragon Fruit Sour

Carmine Red Dragon Fruit Sour

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Carmine spent two years in our red wine foeder where it became a lovely golden sour thanks to the foeder’s resident culture. We split this beer into two tanks which would later become Carmine Red Dragon Fruit Sour and sister beer Rosaly Rose Hip and Lychee Sour.

With the addition of red dragon fruit and six months of aging, Carmine became a vibrant red yet softly fruited sour allowing the base flavours of the golden sour to shine through. Expect some vinous notes from the wood, alongside melon and stone fruit. Rounded tartness, juicy and effervescent mouthfeel. 

5.6% ALC./VOL.


INGREDIENTS: Water, Malt, Hops, Yeast, Wheat, Oats, Spelt, Barley, Red Dragon Fruit.