Warm Winds Coffee Porter

Warm Winds Coffee Porter

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Named after the warm winds that blow off the Gulf of Mexico onto the highland coffee growing region of Northern Guatemala, Huehuetenango.

Inspired by our Baltic Porter Recipe, Warm Winds was brewed with a rich malt base of Horton Ridge Pale, German Munich and Vienna, with a blend of caramel and chocolate malts. Hopped lightly with Celeia, and then fermented at cold temps with a clean American Ale yeast in order to let the malt shine right through.

After a few weeks of conditioning, we went down to Aroma Maya Coffee Roasters to fill bags of their Huehuetenango medium roast coffee right out of their roaster. We  hurried back to Tata to add the whole beans onto the porter.

Warm Winds is packed with a beautiful coffee bean character, and is supported by its rich malt profile. Incredibly smooth - drinkers beware!

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7.0% ALC./VOL.

473 mL